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Games and Events

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Local Games
Where: Hiden Valley
Who: The San Simon crew

What: Scenario games. (see below)

When: 01 OCT 2006

Meeting Spot:  Baskin Robin's near the I-10 San Simon exit.0800 we leave to goto the scenario spot.

Games Begin: @ 0900

Send in the "Artillery" Then let the Dawg out !
Click on photo to see the rest.


for the day, allow yourself twenty to thirty minuets. Everyone is responsible for his or her own gear. Breaks will take place after every game and will last no longer than 10 minutes. During the breaks wipe paint, fill hoppers,pods and perform maintenance. Most importantly drink water.
GAMES and times are subject to change and modification.If you have an idea speak up,new is good.
MASKS must be worn at all times while on the field even if the game is over.
BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES must be used at all times when not on the field or chronoing.
will be performed before entering the field for the first time and and every fourth game during the course of the day. ANY player may call for a chrono of any marker at any time. Do not abuse this rule.
Bounderies are just that,you may not cross any established boundery for any reason.If you leave the boundery leave the game.
TIME LIMITS will be used. This allows for more game time,you can run but you will only loose tiered.
REFERRES we will appoint refs for each game. One per team to make calls. The refs are always right.Refs you better be right.
will come so (1)Be sure it broke, If in doubt call for a paint check,if it broke (2)Yell "HIT! HIT!" (3)Throw your arms up, DO NOT hunker down (4)Put in your BBD (5)Leave the field,do not speak too or hand things too your team. Yes somtimes it hurts,so do the ooo aaaahhh dance or,the how did you shoot me there jig and, then smile cause as one nut case says "You aint playing till you get hit....LOTS of times. If you are the one sending the paint,One hit you are good, two or three you were hoping for a hit, four hits and you are a jerk.
Remember its only a game.You might get mad,just be sure to either keep your mouth shut or find a ref and point out the player and the infraction.Then shut up and play on.the ref will handle the rest.

Games In Our Region
How the West was Wild

  • Date : December 9 - December 10, 2006

  • Producer : Other

  • Category : 2 day scenario

  • State : ARIZONA

  • Event Description :
    Twenty four hour event in northern AZ.

    Still working on pictures. will get them up shortly.
  • Contact Information :
    Raymon Aguilar 3531 N. Constance Dr. Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
  • E-mail :

  • Field Website :

  • Who's Going (Add your team below.) :
         No Limit Soldiers
  • For more information email us at