The Mystery Men
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List O' Games

1. Sniper: The object of the game is to eliminate all of the snipers before they eliminate you. The snipers will be provided a chance to hide anywhere they would like on the field. Therefore the element of surprise is theirs. Once they open fire, it is usually too late for the targeted person or group. The snipers may work as individual pockets of resistance or they may work as a group. All other players are to search and eliminate snipers. Normal ratios will be 1 Sniper to every 5 individuals on the opposing team. Time Limit: 20 minutes
2. Capture the Flag (Modified): The object of the game is for each team to advance toward the other team's base to obtain the flag. The first team to eliminate the other team or to reach the other team's base with the flag wins. Opposing teams will be at opposite ends of the playing field; flag is to be placed in the center of the field. In the event the flag holder is hit, the flag holder must stop and raise the flag above his or her head until another player is able to take the flag from them. Upon getting hit, the player must return to his or her base and recycle back into the game. Anyone found not returning all the way to his or her base will be ejected from the game.In case of a tie, or if time ends, a Duel will be played. Time Limit: 20 minutes, Option II: Teams must obtain the flag from the opposing team base and return it to their own.
3. Civil War: This game is Capture the Flag with a Twist. The objectives are the same get the flag from the other team's base and return it to your own base. The only difference is there are no hoppers, all paint must be carried and loaded by hand one ball at a time. Anyone found overloading will be ejected from the game. Overloading is simply putting more than one ball into the feed. In case of a tie, or if time ends, a Duel will be played. Time Limit: 20 minutes
4.Tag with markers: One player is designated as "It" and must wear a highly visible armband. All other players enter the field and disperse. After two minutes "It" sounds the start of the game. Upon the start of the game its everyone for themselves. If you get hit by "It", stop and wait till "It" gives you the armband; you are now It. You may not immediately shoot the person who just shot you, you must give them a chance to run away and the new "It" calls ready. Players who are not "It" may shoot each other. This is an immediate elimination. The game is over when "It" gets hit or time runs out. Time Limit: 15
5. Paintburner: This game is great for finishing off the day, go burn off some energy or paint and not worry about winning or losing. The game consists of multiple two to three man teams, depending on number. Any odd number players will wait in the Designated Holding Area (DHA) for enough eliminated players to return and will make up the next incoming team. All teams start in different areas of the field. Once a play has been eliminated they must return to the DHA and wait for other eliminated players to form another incoming team. Incoming teams must announce they are entering the field, at which time they become fair game. You must announce your team immediately after leaving the DHA. The DHA is neutral ground, and anyone who shoots another player in or leaving the DHA before their team has announced their presence, is eliminated and must wait in the DHA for other eliminated players to form another incoming team. Time Limit: 30 minutes
Duel:The object of this game is to resolve a tie breaker, or settle an argument. Two players from each team are provided one paintball each. A third individual is to count off the paces. At the count of 10 the two players are to turn and face each other. In the event that a player turns early the third party is to shoot that individual. The players may not side step or lie down. The only option on movement they are granted is to turn around and shoot. This may be repeated until the situation is resolved. Time Limit: None

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